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Our Curriculum


Celestia Academy engages students with an enriching global curriculum. Through the integration of language, world history, geography and art, the world comes to the classroom.  Our approach of mastery learning, creative exploration, and empowerment to lead, students learn to collaborate with each other as the Celestia team focuses on developing intellectual awareness and competence.

This global perspective and experience offered by our curriculum enables students to understand and appreciate the meaning of global citizenship in an interdependent world. Apart from the academic subjects listed, our Health and Wellness Program and Arts and Culture Centre further engage our students in developing a global perspective. Other special events and activities such as exhibitions, portfolios, service learning and community engagements reinforce students’ understanding of global citizenship.

Our subject offerings:

  • Mathematics

  • English Language Arts

  • Science

  • World History 

  • Geography

  • Languages

  • Physical Education

  • Digital Literacy

  • Art 

Learning on Demand

At Celestia, consideration is given to individual student needs. As a result, our learning on demand facility allows students to access pre-recorded lessons that would enrich their learning experience at the Academy.