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Homework & Learning Support Centre

The Celestia Online Homework Centre

Homework is critical to every child’s progress at school and Celestia offers support for children and parents.   The Celestia Online Homework & Learning Support Centre offers an after school program that assists students who have challenges with homework or who need additional individual attention.  

Learning Environment

Students are provided with a positive, supportive, enriching, online environment as they seek to achieve their academic goals.  They are supervised throughout this additional learning time by experienced staff.  

The objectives of the Centre are to:

  1. Support students in homework completion

  2. Enhance students’ performance in academic performance at school

  3. Facilitate the development of critical and creative thinking skills

  4. Motivate students to learn good study habits and appropriate attitude to learning

  5. Support good character development.

Supervisors & Coaches

The supervisors and coaches at Celestia Homework & Learning Support Centre are all qualified, experienced primary school teachers who have also undergone our own internal professional development training.  Our coaches master multiple learning strategies for the various subject areas of Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  We engage the principles of multiple intelligences and our coaches are able to guide our children according to their preferred learning styles. 

Individual Attention

At Celestia Homework & Learning Support Centre, the student is at the centre of all activities. Students receive individual attention as they are placed in small groups, each with their own coach who ensures that students stay on schedule and completes their tasks successfully.  Goal setting is an integral part of the process so coaches keep track daily of students’ progress. Before existing each session, the supervisor checks and approves the homework and activities completed for the day for each child. If there is a need to contact the coach or teacher outside of business hours, the internal messaging system on the learning platform must be used.

Our approach is geared towards addressing the whole child as we bridge learning gaps and motivate students to perform at their best. Sessions are organized according to students’ age, learning and developmental needs. 

Assessment & Evaluation

Students are assessed/evaluated regularly to determine their level of achievement and to generate an accurate report of their progress to the parents. All assessments are carefully prepared and approved by the supervisor, and parents receive regular updates of their children’s performance and progress. 

Attendance Policy

Students must attend all sessions to be successful in their planned program.  Parents must ensure that students keep momentum by daily attendance and continued engagement are critical factors to students reaching their desired goals.  

Why Choose Celestia Homework Centre?

  • Positive learning atmosphere

  • Individual attention & engagement

  • Tutorials (Literacy & Numeracy)

  • Remedial Programme

  • Progress Reports

  • Creative Activities

  • Cultural Enrichment

  • Learning Incentives


When: Monday to Friday 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Who: Primary School children

What: Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, SEA past papers, 

Social Studies

Where: Registration: celestia.cloudschoolsystem.com

Other Programs offered at Celestia Homework Centre:

  • Art

  • Painting

  • Crafts

  • Life Skills