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E-Safety, Child Protection & Data Protection

Celestia Academy is committed to protecting the personal data and other information pertaining to our students, families, and team members.  We respect the legal rights of students, families, and team members with regards to the processing and storage of their personal and other information.


Our classrooms are outfitted with safety features that will ensure our students are protected as much as possible.  Students are also coached on how they can also be safe in the online environment.

Data and /or information used by Celestia Academy will be strictly for educational purposes; otherwise, consent will be requested from the relevant parties. Celestia works with external agencies to ensure practices are reviewed and monitored in order to maintain safety standards in all online activities and events.

Students, families and team members receive regular training on internet safety as relates to teaching, learning and other online activities. In this regard, we aim to maintain high standards by providing reliable support to all through prevention and intervention practices.