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Philosophy, Mission & Vision


We believe in greatness. We believe every child can find purpose and be successful academically and be healthy physically and emotionally. We believe that every child must learn to be positive, civically engaged, and self-determined individuals.  We believe every child deserves a 21st Century global education that fully equips them with the relevant skills, abilities and perceptions for college, career and citizenship in an ever changing world.


The mission of Celestia Academy is to:

  • Empower students through mastery learning.
  • Facilitate the development of character in students 
  • Engage each student in reaching their highest potential.
  • Develop positive, productive citizens for nation-building and global citizenship.
  • Nurture the development of personal life goals and guide students on the path to achievement.


To be an influential 21st century education provider by fostering a diverse, creative community of learners to become disciplined, competent and productive global leaders.

Core Values

Respect, commitment, competence, integrity, persistence, discipline, productivity, achievement, autonomy, leadership, excellence.